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**This is a non-commercial, for-fun-only, site!** ...stereoscopic 3D MPEG video clips. Viewing instructions and other important tips are at the bottom of this page.......Come Visit The Kid

3D Videos By The Puppet Kite Kid (With live, stereo audio!)


"Segment 3"


Hey! Click here for "VirtualDub3D", a simple, tiny, FREEware viewer/converter for all 3D video formats on your PC! (Nothing to *install*! Just download it, unzip it and start using it! You can even use it from a CD!) This program plays and converts 3D MPEG or AVI videos (crossed, parallel, over/under, interlaced, anaglyph). Even usually-difficult red/blue anaglyph conversions are amazingly good quality and almost completely ghost-free! And... you don't have to save a converted video to view it! (Use the program as a simple 3D media player.)

3D viewing instructions:

Anaglyphs (Wear red-cyan or red-blue glasses, with red on the left. Here's a free pair. Here's some to buy. The cheap ones made from cardboard work very well.) Parallel pairs (Freeview the thumbnails the same way you view Magic Eye stereograms. Use a stereo viewer for large images.) Crossed (Slightly cross your eyes and focus your left eye on the right image and your right eye on the left image... a popular format for large computer images.) LC Shutter glasses (Row Interleaved - Left First. Turn on your 3D glasses then open the image. Videos will have to be opened in a media player.)