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Elvis Puppet Kites A Canadian Myth

The air is very thin in southern Alberta, Canada, around Pincher Creek. While I was there last week, I couldn't recall ever making any hummingbirds with Elvis outfits on. I also couldn't remember being in Saudi Arabia, Central America or Spain. Lastly, even though I'm back home, now, I still can't remember traveling throughout the United States playing a mixture of Rock and Bluegrass when I was ten years old. I do recall most everything else in the following article, though... and I think breathing that thin air for a week aged me a good ten years. Maybe like a good old Twilight Zone episode, after a few days of coastal oxygen back into my blood, it will all *come back* to me ;-) BTW, this photo was taken last year, way before my Slim Fast diet ;-) -PKK

The newspaper article: (wait for it to load)